Software solutions for big industries

We have impressive experience in building impactful software solutions for different industries. As a result - 100% satisfied clients who simplified business processes, saved money and time.

Wholesale trade

We create effective solutions for automation supermarkets and retail stores. Use our experience to maintain goods nomenclature, improve CRM, and customer loyalty management.

Mobile application




Manufacturing Software

All the solutions that Marka Development offers for the manufacturing industry based on MRPII/ERP methodologies, and successfully implements the best practices from there. We allow middle and large size industrial enterprises to control every step of their business running and simplify the automation process.

Production planning

Analysis & Control


Shift tasks

Healthcare Software

We’ve developed and successfully embedded solutions from international and local companies in the healthcare industry. Use our healthcare software products to increase efficiency, prevent medical mistakes, protect sensitive data, and receive better treatment results.

Action management product

Development management

Quality assurance