We’ve developed and successfully embedded solutions from international and local companies in the healthcare industry. Use our healthcare software products to increase efficiency, prevent medical mistakes, protect sensitive data, and receive better treatment results.


All the solutions that Marka Development offers for the manufacturing industry based on MRPII/ERP methodologies, and successfully implements the best practices from there. We allow middle and large size industrial enterprises to control every step of their business running and simplify the automation process.


We’re experienced in the creation of corporate models and financial data aggregation. We empower you to analyze the right information at the right time at the right level and create products that help companies to deal with financial challenges.


We design and develop innovative real estate IT solutions tailored to your needs, customers, and goals. Whether you want to create an application from scratch or upgrade an existing one, Marka Development specialists have experience and specialists to realize it.


We collaborate with national state and municipal companies and implemented an automated payment control system to manage, monitor and approve payments of more than 1000 subordinate enterprises and sub-divisions. On the local level, we’ve developed a corporate model for aggregation and monitoring cash flows of all the largest municipal companies in our city.


We create solutions for monitoring the parameters of the process of thermal energy production, evaluating efficiency of the taken organizational and technological measures, focusing on controlling the expenditure of energy resources (gas and electricity), heat carrier and heat.


The professional level of our specialists and the quality of the provided solutions resulted in developing long-term relationships with the companies taking leading places in the Information sphere. The services imply solving various complex technical tasks in data sharing, VPS, cloud hosting, domain registrations, etc.